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What is animal Reiki?

The word Reiki means "universal life force" or "spiritual energy". 


Reiki is a technique of Japanese origin based on the laying on of hands for deep relaxation, inducing muscular and mental relaxation, which makes it possible to initiate a process of self-healing of the body, on a physical, psychic and emotional level. 



Reiki is not a medicine; it does not cure disease.


This technique is part of a holistic approach that considers the being as a whole. Its purpose is to make the mind happy and the body peaceful. It allows a spiritual and mental elevation of the human being and the animal. It acts in depth, inducing a state of deep inner peace.

Reiki is a real tool for personal development, healing, inner awakening, opening of the heart and consciousness, while respecting each person's path and our own pace of evolution.


Animal Reiki is still little developed or recognized. However, this energy healing is ideal for animals because it is gentle, non-invasive, it does not require effort on the part of the animal, there is no manipulation, and it is not painful. On the contrary, it will relax and promote healing by rebalancing its energy.


Reiki care session are particularly used on the animal in the case of:

  • Behavior problems
  • Emotional disorders
  • Shock, accident
  • After or even before a surgery
  • Pain
  • Burn, injury
  • End of life
  • Farrowing
  • Relationship difficulties with human being

Animals are more receptive than humans to energy treatments, so why not offer them this gentle, non-invasive and powerful method?


Its story in a nutshell

In all the Reiki lineages, whether in the Eastern or Western world, it is said that Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, received a satori, or enlightenment, following a 21-day deep meditation on Mount Kurama, in the north of Kyoto.


As a result of this, he would have noticed the presence of a new energy emanating from his body. This energy was the purest and most beneficial of anything he had known before. He then decided to name this energy “Reiki” and to make it the basis of his Usui Reiki system.


Today, although there is a wide variety of practices and beliefs, most "Reiki" systems have the same points in common: Reiki energy is at the center of the system, it can be used by everyone without requiring complex exercises beforehand, it has no harmful effect, it is transmitted by initiation and is part of a line going back directly to its origins.


Most schools of Reiki today also recognize the Five Usui Precepts as the cornerstone of Reiki practice, and the true path to actual integration of its essence:

“Just for today

Free yourself from anger

Free yourself from all worries

Show gratitude

Work hard on yourself

Be kind to your neighbour”



I chose to train as a Reiki Consciousness® Master Practitioner at the Reiki Consciousness® center which was created by Olivier Honsperger in 2010 in Switzerland.


The new guideline of this teaching is to get out of the old rigorous patterns of traditional Reiki. Symbols (which are just keys that open a door...) are not used.  


Thus, you are not connected to the egregores (a concept designating a group spirit formed by the aggregation of the intentions, energies and desires of several individuals united for a well-defined purpose) which are linked to these symbols and you do not use your mind which is often a source of distraction: this creates a simplicity and fluidity of care with a constant connection to the heart.


The three fundamental principles of Reiki Consciousness® are:


  • Faith – having faith in yourself and what you do, in the energy you transmit
  • The intention – it comes from the heart, you must be in the present moment, well anchored and in the feeling of your body
  • Sincerity – being happy to transmit the energy, to help and to accompany


The benefits of animal Reiki are, in all respects, similar to those of human Reiki


Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • It balances the energy flows of the body
  • It stimulates natural defenses and the self-healing process by strengthening immunity
  • It improves sleep and digestion
  • It releases neuromuscular tension
  • It soothes physical and emotional pain
  • It calms and soothes by reducing stress and anxiety
  • It relieves the side effects of a treatment
  • It reassures fearful animals

Reiki exerts a positive influence on the dog and helps to balance his body and mind.

It can also soothe dogs who are fearful of humans, hypersensitive to their environment, but this must be done in addition to sessions with a behaviorist. 

Le Reiki ne remplace en aucun cas les soins vétérinaires mais il les complètent.


Who it
concerns ?


Animal Reiki is for all animals whether domesticated, semi-domesticated or wild.


For animals that accept human touch and contact, the care session takes place by laying hands a few centimeters from the skin, without compulsory contact or manipulation. It is thus very soft and painless.


This care session can also be given remotely, so it is ideal for animals that do not allow contact or for the most anxious.

The practice is entirely natural; that is why there are no contraindications.



Le magnétisme pour animaux

Tout comme le Reiki, le magnétisme est un soin énergétique qui utilise l’énergie universelle. 

Il permet entre autres de ré-aligner les chakras, l’aura, de détecter des douleurs physiques, des fuites énergétiques… Le magnétisme permet d’évacuer l’anxiété, le stress, les peurs et blocages.

Les animaux sont très réactifs à cette énergie.

Le magnétisme a des bienfaits similaires au Reiki et n’a aucune contre indication.

La séance peux se faire à distance également. 


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