Reiki healing and magnetism

Reiki healing
and magnetism


We very often forget that our pets are emotional sponges. They feel our joy, our sadness, our stress and our uneasiness. The animal then becomes a true mirror of the human who shares his life. An inseparable duo!


So responding to the animal's discomfort with massages and energy treatments is a good start. But why not take care of the ill-being of his human?


I therefore offer you a moment of relaxation, letting go and recharging energy for you with:


A magnetism treatment


Magnetism consists of transferring energy from the magnetizer to his client using his hands. The action takes place at the physical level. The effects are therefore felt very quickly.


A Reiki treatment


Le Maitre Reïki diffuse les énergies qui l’entourent à son client. L’action s’opère au niveau des corps physiques, énergétiques et émotionnels. C’est un soin en profondeur qui permet de rééquilibrer le corps et l’âme.


Face-to-face sessions at your home in the canton of Geneva and Haute Savoie.

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